Beach Cafe does Marrakech

Marrakech is a place of pure magic. Bright blue skies, stunning décor, colour, sequins and love. Whether your shopping for that dream carpet, looking for a rooftop escape or craving the atmosphere and smells of a bustling market, Marrakech has it all.

marrakech sequin cushion

First stop, to our Riad, Riad Olema, absolutely gorgeous. Simple neutral décor with beautiful Moroccan touches. Its also home to an in house cat & tiny little kitten which is obviously always a cute plus! (unless you hate cats... Sorry but Marrakech is full of them!)

riad olema

riad olema cat

riad olema indoor pool

Most Riads have roof terraces which is a must when in Marrakech, so always look for one with the best! While relaxing in the sun you can enjoy looking over the whole of Marrakech down at the hustle and bustle, mosque towers, climbing cats & children running on the grounds below. Riad Olema is a short walk from the main square and sits just outside the Medina, which is perfect to be able to run into the souks and then quickly escape when you need too.

riad olema roof terrace

riad olema roof terrace  

riad olema roof terrace

The entire vibe of Riad Olema was just pure bliss. Peace and quiet with on demand service. Teas and orange juice on tap!

Our room was simple with beautiful wooden shutters, embroidered cushions and a balconette edge over looking the water fountain below.

riad olema decor

riad olema decor laura

riad olema window ledge

riad olema laura

Arriving in September it’s still very hot, so pack light, but appropriate. The city is a Muslim city so it’s always best to respect the culture and leave the hot pants at home.. or in the riad (I know you were thinking about it!) So for exploring I packed a few longer dress with no sleeves/no back which were perfect pieces as they were cool enough yet long enough! Chuck a scarf in your bag to cover your shoulders/head if needed and you’re good to go!

marrakech streets

marrakech streets laura

marrakech rooftop

Exploring the Souks & local culture, mosques and shops is my favourite thing to do in Marrakech (after eating, but we'll get to that later) Its an endless maze and no matter how many times I go I always find somewhere new to explore.

Though this time around I made sure to check out the epic Ben Yousseff, a mosaic dream.

 marrakech souks fruit

ben yousseff marrakech

ben yousseff marrakech

marrakech car

If the hustle and bustle is getting too much take a day out and head into the stunning backdrop of the Atlas Mountains, only a 45 min drive from Marrakech and you feel like you’ve entered into a whole new world. 

You can book a return transfer (usually within your riad) for around 500Dirhams which is like £40! or if you're feeling brave head into the main square and flag down a local cab for an even cheaper rate.

atlas mountains marrakech

atlas mountains marrakech selfie

 atlas mountains marrakech

The mountains are surrounded by small Berber villages & It’s crazy coming from a western world that people still live as simple as they do, it’s beautiful.

 The water from the waterfalls flow from the mountains and run through the villages and its stunning, clear, crystal water!

atlas mountains marrakech water

atlas mountains marrakech

The last night we hit the best place to eat in Marrakech (in my opinion of course ha) If the beige food menu is starting to get a bit... beige? Cafe Espices will feed your desires! – Based in the smaller square they house an entire menu of smoothies (always needed) a variety of avocado dishes (also always needed) plus a whole heap of ‘you could almost be in London’ food. Mixed with the Moroccan favourites of course if you’re not bored of cous cous yet.

The rooftop is the best place to sit, comfy cushions and straw hats on every table to sheild our faces from the Moroccan sun while we eat!

cafe espices marrakech

cafe espices marrakech  

marrakech main square

So what are you waiting for?

marrakech flowers

marrakech doors

Marrakech, the perfect place if you want to feel like you're on the other side of the world without the 15 hour flight.

A must have stamp in your passport.

Till next time!

riad marrakech selfie

marrakech sequin cushion