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Salt of the Earth By Rosie Underwood

Salt of the Earth

Why sea salt is your Body’s biggest ally

By Rosie Underwood

rosie ocean

Ever wondered why you feel so darn good after a dip in the ocean? Turns out, its our body’s biggest ally. Why? Because on top of being proven to calm our minds and even slow down our brain waves (slightly freaky) our bodies contain the same concentration of minerals and nutrients as sea salt, which means our skin is naturally balanced, repaired and rejuvenated by it’s reparative properties when we immerse ourselves, making it a real powerhouse compound when it comes to our beauty regimes.

rosie ocean

Sea salt is laden with minerals that play a key role in our skin's health, cellular communication and function. Usually known as a natural exfoliator, it works to clean pores and reduce oiliness, it texturises your hair like nothing else (I’m talking effortlessly undone waves with a bit of grit for good measure) and even whitens your teeth.  

With the micro bead ban finally in full swing, (Halleluiah!) sea salt is quite rightly being sprinkled over the beauty market like gold dust. So if you’re not in a position to immerse yourself in the ocean on a daily basis, get these bad boys into your regime pretty pronto, your body will thank you!


1. Neal’s Yard Lavender Bath Salts 350g, £14.50,



2. Watergate Bay Elements Salt Scrub Rosemary and Spearmint 425g, £22



3. Mauli Rituals Himalayan Healing Salts 460g, £42,



4. Ren Atlantic Kelp And Magnesium Salt Anti-fatigue Exfoliating Body Scrub, £28,



5. Weleda Salt Toothpaste 75ml, £4.95,



6. Rahua Enchanted Island Salt Spray 124ml, £32,


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