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The Golden Rules By Rosie Underwood






The Golden Rules For Keeping Your Summer Glow Well Into Autumn

rosie underwood

Its bad enough we're rapidly losing hours of daylight, bracing ourselves for layers of warmer clothes, rocketing gas bills and frenzied seasonal shoppers, but waving goodbye to our sun kissed complexions needn't have to be on our list of winter agendas, if you follow these simple steps.... 

Drink Lots of Water 

Cell turn over, healthy skin and everything thats keeps a tan radiant all starts with feeding your cells plenty of water, so don't slack off just because the temperature you're facing day to day has dropped in recent weeks. When your skin dries out, it quite delightfully flakes, meaning bye bye tan! Hydration is paramount. 

Don't Take Baths 

As much as its tempting as the nights draw in to launch yourself into a steaming hot tub they tend to dehydrate your skin and piping hot water has a good habit of robbing the body of oils that lock in that holiday glow, so opt for a shower and don't get too excited with the remperature gauge. 


Wash With Oil 

Switch up your everyday shower gel for an oil and keep your eye out for every beauty directors hero ingredients, those powerful Essential Oils, perfect for nourishing the skin to keep a tan in its place. 

Exfoliate... but very gently

Before you leave for a trip int he sun, exfoliate to remove dead skin cells, that way the sun will tan your new cells meaning it'll last longer. News flash, your tan will inevitably fade with time when you return, but to avoid it flaking and fading in patches exfoliate very gently. 

Eat Orange Food

Yes im serious. Superfoods like carrots, sweet potatoes and tomatoes are rich in the antioxidant carotene. When your diet's rich with these beauties your skin tone will naturally warm up. 

Moisturise and Keep the Skin Soft

There are millions of good moisturisers out there, but after time in the sun you want to be keeping your eyes peeled for additional ingreients to your every day body moisturizer, like pomegranate - working to aid cell regeneration, as well as being highly hydrating, Aloe Vera which helps skin replenish its own moisture and Rose with its amazing healing benefits. 

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