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Travel Guide - Iceland

From the Golden Circle to the waterfalls, black sand beaches and of course the Northern Lights, Iceland should be on your travel list for 2020. You probably only need a long weekend to tick off Reykjavik but we strongly suggest you hire a car so you can travel at your own pace.



Pingvellir National Park

Iceland’s first national park and is famous for the Almannagja Fault running through, you can walk between the tectonic-plate boundary where Europe and North America are moving away from each other. Many gorges have crystal clear spring waters that you can dive between the continents. Game of Thrones fans will want to head to the gap between the two plates as this was used as the entrance to Eyrie.


Gulfoss Waterfall

Part of the famous Golden Circle, Gulfoss Waterfall is about an hour and a half from Reykjavik but worth the drive. You’ll be surprised that you view the waterfall from above! Seeing the water disappear into the earth is magical.


Another stop on the Golden Circle is the hot spring Geysir where you’ll find mud pits, exploding geysirs and lively Strokkur shooting water around 30 metres into the air. After coming into contact underground with hot bedrock the water heats up and the pressure sprouts from the Geysir. It’s incredible to witness.


Blue Lagoon

Book some time to relax in the geothermal seawater at the Blue Lagoon. Set against the black lava rock, the lagoon is fed by runoff water from nearby power plant, containing both seawater and freshwater of geothermal origin. The waters are rich in minerals, spend some time relaxing and exploring the in-water mask bar. You’ll need to book ahead and we’d recommend visiting first thing to avoid the crowds.


Skogafoss Waterfall

Yes another waterfall but it’s really worth stopping off at. One of the biggest falls in Iceland with a drop of around 62 meters, you can actually walk right up to it! On sunny days look out for the rainbows that the drizzle creates. You can climb the steps to the observation platform to take in another angle. Legend has it that behind the waterfall you’ll find a chest filled with gold and treasues! Again Game of Throne fans will recognise Skogafoss!