Winter Sun Care By Rosie Underwood

 Winter Sun Skin Care

Breaking up the long dark months with winter sun has more perks than most and its something I’m pretty evangelical about. But if we don’t look after our skin in the process, things have a tendency to take a turn for the worse.

When winter hits, our skin is asking for something a little different. The cold air dries it out, so hydration is crucial. Products with a thick consistency tend to wade their way in, whatever your skin type and oils become a necessity. Now put that newly hydrated skin on a long haul flight, expose it to 30 degree heat, not forgetting the all important UVA and you’ve got a mish mash of elements reaping havoc with your skin. Its wrong to presume that what works for you at home, works in a totally new environment.

Here are my essentials to see you through from the terminal to the beach...

rosie underwood

On The Plane...

Remove all make up. Slather on this beauty, I’ve done the legwork and I can’t find a consistency as thick as this, that penetrates as quickly. Plus the smell of the stuff sends you off to the land of nod in a heartbeat so it works as a few products in one. 

Side note, on top of this, add an SPF. When you fly you’re 30,000 miles closer to the sun and its harmful ultra violet rays, so as much as you may not feel it, frequent flyers suffer from sun damage from being on a flight as short as two hours.


eight hour  

Ditch face wipes…

Most of them contain elements of plastic or alcohol that dries the complexion as well as containing a bucket load of preservatives to keep them moist, and yes, you guessed it, they’re not exactly eco friendly either. The number of wet wipes washed up on our beaches has increased by 50% since 2013, so despite the cold hard facts being spelt out for us, we’re getting worse with our cosmetic routines. There are lots of essential oils that are great for skin that’s exposed to the sun, but my favourite has to be rose, thanks to its powerful anti inflammatory properties and the fact that its super hydrating. Both essential in the sun.

Patchwork protection..

Use a different SPF for the face and neck as you would your body, and another one for your eyes and nose. I call this patchwork protection. Its foolish to think that all the skin covering our entire body asks for the same treatment. You wouldn’t use a lipstick on your eyelids or foot cream on your face. The same applies to sun cream.



Eight Hour® Cream Targeted Sun Defence Stick SPF 50 High Protection for eyes, lips nose and even my ears!

Clinique SPF30 Mineral Sunscreen Lotion For Body.

 Murad Luminous Shield SPF 50 for the face and Décolletage.


At Night…

At night, our skin does most of its renewal, so if its been exposed to the sun, it’s the best time for the physical process of hydration in the skin cells to take place. This is my beach bed classic.


Ultrasun Overnight Summer Skin Recovery Mask 50ml

& Finally After Sun...

I get through two bottles of this on my travels in just one week, one isn’t enough and that goes for nearly all the brands I’ve tried. It’s impossible to use after sun sparingly.  This totally organic and environmentally friendly concoction has a milky formula, so a little goes a long way, resulting in a longer lasting tan and happy, hydrated skin.

 after sun

Neals Yard Chamomile & Aloe Vera After Sun Lotion 

Other than that, winter sun is a great way to get ahead of the game in terms of your summer beauty regime, as well as elevating your mood, lifting your spirits and getting yourself some much needed vitamin D, (as well as restoring your will to live.) In my experience, there’s no better investment than a plane ticket with a side of good sun protection. You can never wear too much of the stuff. It’s a total beauty myth that if you wear it you won’t tan (I wear factor 50 religiously) and adventures overseas are the best way to learn. So get out there!