Miss June

Miss June beautiful boho dresses and beach coverups are our favourite at Beach Cafe. Designed in Paris, Miss June's collection includes a mix of colours, contrasting prints and ancient techniques used to create beautiful bohemian pieces.

The Miss June collection is inspired by the island of Ibiza and the wandering bohemian. Our Miss June edit includes embroidered maxi and playful mini dresses, and gypsy inspired separates in timeless silhouettes, finished with embroidery, crochet and tassel detailing. Our edit of Miss June’s dresses and blouses are the perfect way to effortlessly update your vacation look.

29 Items

  1. Amelia Dress
    Miss June Amelia Dress
    As low as £278.00
  2. Rebecca Dress Miss June
    Miss June Rebeca Dress
    As low as £185.00
  3. Miss June Alessandra Dress
    Miss June Alessandra Dress
    As low as £215.00
  4. miss june, olga dress
    Miss June Olga Dress
    As low as £230.00
  5. sandra dress miss june
    Miss June Sandra Dress
    As low as £230.00
  6. miss june, Ursula Kaftan Dress
    Miss June Ursula Kaftan Dress
    As low as £240.00
  7. Miss June cecelia dress
    Miss June Cecelia Kaftan Pink
    As low as £215.00
  8. Miss June Nubia Kaftans
    Miss June Nubia Kaftan
    As low as £190.00
  9. Miss June Davana Dress
    Miss June Davana Dress
    As low as £230.00
  10. Miss June Celva Kaftan
    Miss June Celva Kaftan Pink
    As low as £170.00
  11. miss june, Lorena Dress Blue
    Miss June Lorena Dress Blue
    As low as £230.00
  12. miss june, Raquel Blouse
    Miss June Raquel Blouse
    As low as £170.00
  13. Katerina Dress Blue
    Miss June Katerina Dress Blue
    As low as £230.00
  14. Alessia Dress Blue
    Miss June Alessia Dress Blue
    As low as £210.00
  15. Miss June Karena Dress Blue
    Miss June Karena Kaftan Blue
    As low as £200.00
  16. Laure Leather Belt, Miss June
    Miss June Laure Leather Belt
    As low as £100.00
  17. Angel Dress White, Miss June
    Miss June Angel Dress
    As low as £364.00
  18. miss june, finlay blouse
    Miss June Finlay Blouse
    As low as £263.00
  19. Miss June Karina Dress
    Miss June Karina Dress
    As low as £240.00
  20. Alessia Dress Pink
    Miss June Alessia Dress Pink
    As low as £210.00
  21. Lorena Dress Pink
    Miss June Lorena Dress Pink
    As low as £230.00
  22. Miss June Rita Dress Peach
    Miss June Rita Kaftan Dress
    As low as £210.00
  23. Miss June Allegra Blouse Peach
    Miss June Allegra Blouse
    As low as £163.00
  24. miss june, Anakarina Dress
    Miss June Anakarina Dress
    As low as £363.00
  25. miss june, alina kaftan dress
    Miss June Alina Kaftan Dress
    As low as £245.00
  26. Miss June Levana Dress Peach
    Miss June Levana Dress Peach
    As low as £315.00
  27. Miss June Tia Dress
    Miss June Tia Dress
    As low as £248.00

29 Items