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Sea Level

Sea Level is an Australian designer founded in 2018 with the aim to create swimwear that builds the foundation of an essential holiday wardrobe.  Sealvel are dedicated to creating the ultimate form-flattering shape that will have you feeling just as good as you look.  Inspired by Australia’s relaxed lifestyle Sea Level strive to create beachwear that combine simplicity and function with a sustainable approach to sourcing new materials. Our carefully curated Sealevel collection features a range of classics bandeau and triangle bikinis in timeless colours all designed to fit you perfectly.

10 Artikel

  1. Sea Level, Essentials boyleg swimsuit black
    Sea Level Essentials Boyleg Swimsuit
    So niedrig wie 100,00 €
  2. Sea Level, Honeycomb high waisted bikini black
    Sea Level Honeycomb High Waist Bikini

    Von 55,00 €

    Bis 135,00 €

  3. Spinnaker Bandeau bikini white, sea level
    Sea Level Spinnaker Bandeau Bikini White

    Von 45,00 €

    Bis 120,00 €

  4. Heatwave Bandeau Dress
    Sea Level Heatwave Bandeau Dress
    So niedrig wie 85,00 €
  5. Interlace Triangle Bikini
    Sea Level Interlace Triangle Bikini

    Von 50,00 €

    Bis 110,00 €

  6. Sea Level Tradewinds Mini Dress
    Sea Level Tradewinds Mini Dress
    So niedrig wie 89,00 €
  7. Sea Level Tradewinds Dress
    Sea Level Tradewinds Maxi Dress
    So niedrig wie 79,00 €
  8. Sea Level Tradewinds Beach Pants
    Sea Level Tradewinds Beach Pants
    So niedrig wie 79,00 €
  9. Sea Level, Honeycomb Triangle swimsuit, red
    Sea Level Honeycomb Triangle Swimsuit Red
    So niedrig wie 105,00 €

10 Artikel